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Path of the unicorn

A wildly successful ‘Insta’ power couple impulsively swaps big city life for the jumble, bringing with them infidelities, obsessions and an addiction to pursuing money and power.  Haunted by a tragic secret from the past, it will either tear their marriage appart...or open them up to the true meaning of success.  


The unicorn is not a cute, multi-coloured cliche.  It’s mythology: rare, powerful, magical, integrated and perfect.  Being called a unicorn means reaching the pinnacle of achievement, something that Riley and her husband, Sam, just accomplished… she as an Instagram influencer and him with a Fintech startup.  But what are the real consequences of indulging in a lavish lifestyle overflowing with temptations, pleasure and privilege?


From the skyscrapers of Bay Street, Toronto’s business centre, to the jungles of Costa Rica, they are taken on an odyssey that will blow up everything they believe about relationships, eroticism, pleasure, success and spirituality.  It’s mythic and mystical, funny and very sensual.  It’s ‘Path of the Unicorn.’