For the leaders of today and the game changers of tomorrow.

Our Master Coaching has been developed from modern research in leadership, strategy, positive psychology and flow states, as well as ancient wisdom traditions, and curated for leaders ready to take their impact to the next level.

That next level, of course, begins with you. 

You will gain clarity on your purpose, vision and values and, through finding your growth edge and taking radical personal responsibility and inspired action, do the work that causes radical transformation and a ripple effect of change.  This program includes private weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls, detailed strategic planning and unlimited support between scheduled calls.  We will deep dive to help you fly so high!

Master Coaching

“Our work together showed me an entirely new way to network/connect with people in the most elite circles.  I went from feeling like I had to chase people to becoming a magnet that people are drawn to.  I am where I am, at this exclusive event/elite gathering, because of the work I’ve done with you. Instead of the old way of grinding to the point of burnout, I’m approaching the growth of my fund in an entirely new way, full of fun and flow.”

Stephan Ouaknine 


Managing Partner
Inerjys Ventures

the path

For rising stars ready to play a big game today.

The Path is a powerful program for anyone who may feel stuck or like there's something more for you. We will help you discover your purpose, vision and values and step into your most authentic life, in this self-directed 24 module course, with an optional package with three live calls with Lindsay.  Our  intention in the work we do is to empower YOU to awaken to your highest potential and be free of all that is holding you back. You don’t have to walk The Path alone, there are many principles and practical tools that can help you navigate along your journey.  Click on the link below to get started!

Game Changers


For Leaders ready to change the world, together.

This 6 month group program is designed for coaches looking to take their craft and business to the next level.  We work from the inside-out, deep-diving into your inner alignment and belief systems and, from there, apply powerful strategies and best practices to accelerate your growth, in every way.  Lindsay was a pioneer in the coaching industry and has mentored many coaches through the certification process and successful scaling of their businesses.  She delights in sharing as much wisdom and expertise as she can, to help other coaches become the most powerful catalysts for deepest transformation for their clients and humanity.

Mastermind Coaching