pASSION fUELlED Leadership

If you’ve reached a peak of success but sometimes feel stressed or burnt out, asking yourself, ‘now what?' we invite you to set your soul on fire and embark on the transformational journey from the walking dead to alive + awake!

Transformational Leadership coaching TO Recharge, REset, AND RELAUNCH.

Discover and share your authentic self to reach your peak potential and performance.

Our research on leadership, strategy, positive psychology and flow state takes meaningful work to the next level, allowing you to maximize your impact in the world, while having the most fun along the way.

Transformational leaders are game changers. 
We don't fu@# around.  You have the potential to create a massive ripple effect in the world through leading by example, from a place of servant leadership. 

Find your growth edge by taking radical personal responsibility and doing the deep work to explore your inner world and, when your vessel is clear, you will lead with clear purpose, vision and values.     

Join us to answer the call your transformational journey and see how finding your edge can be the link to making global impact.

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How I Went From the Walking Dead to


I’m Lindsay and I've spent my entire life studying human potential.  As a little girl I was fascinated by leadership, reading all the books I could on JFK, MLK, Winston Churchill, and Gahndi.  Equally fascinated by the underbelly of humanity, I've had a lifelong passion for literature, indy films and music - anything that shares the truth of the human experience. 

My purpose driven, passion fuelled life started only after I found myself with chronic anxiety and internal chaos in the pursuit of checking off all the boxes society told me were important.  I had graduated from an elite business school, gotten a top job in management consulting and "had it all" - except I was miserable.  That shattering moment became an awakening opportunity and set me on the course of a lifelong journey towards becoming fully alive and awake.  Forever a student, I use my life as a giant social experiment to prove the efficacy of the methodologies I've collected and curated, from modern research in leadership, strategy, positive psychology and flow states, as well as ancient wisdom traditions, which has become the foundation of the work I do with the thousands of founders, CEOs and elite leaders I've had the privilege of working with since 2002. 

It is my greatest privilege and delight to share with you the culmination of my life's work in these programs, experiences, and offerings.  Let's continue the conversation to help you step into your most purpose driven, passion fuelled leadership and life!

"It is rare to find someone with such exceptionally vibrant and compassionate energy to have this matched with a fiercely strategic mind. Lindsay is this rare gem and I have found her to be fantastic to work with both as a coach and event facilitator."

David Langer,


Serial Entrepreneur and

Venture Capitalist


are you ready to answer the call?

"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."

                                     - Joseph Campbell

The first step in the Hero's Journey, popularized by Joseph Campbell is the 'Call to Adventure.'  This is that whisper or nudge (or maybe a giant scream) you get, telling you there's something more for you, something else you're meant to do, a greater purpose.  This is the defining moment in each person's life.  The difference between those who merely survive or live in 2D mediocrity and those who thrive and create a lasting impact, lies in having the courage to answer the call.  

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